‘Take Two’ Arts Council Collection.

Students and teachers at Feversham Primary Academy school and the Arts Council Collection have been working together on an exciting project to being two works of art to this school and the local community.

Students are thinking about how the two artworks relate to each other and their wider learning across the curriculum through thoughts, words and making.

The Arts Council Collection is a collection of modern and contemporary British art that belongs to the nations. With over 8,000 works this rich and diverse collection can be seen all over the UK, not just in museums and galleries, but also in schools, universities, hospitals and many other places too.

The professional personnel from ‘Arts & Transport Technical Service’ come to Feversham to install the artwork sculptor.

Film maker Jonathan Charles comes in to school to interview the students.

Students enjoy working with the artworks, from the two pieces they create their own, give a title and then finish off by signing their work.