L S Lowry – Europe

Coming Out of School 1927 L.S. Lowry 1887-1976 Presented by the Trustees of the Duveen Paintings Fund 1949 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N05912
  • What is art?
  • What is art for?
  • Why did the artist make it like that?
  • Was it magical? Religious? To celebrate something?
  • To tell a story?
  • How did the artist earn a living?
  • What tools, materials, and techniques did the artist use?
  • Are there hidden meanings that can become clear?

Activities to try at home.


Pendlebury, Lancashire, UK

Language (drawing)

sketching, contours, eraser, sharper, outlines, blend, gradient, directional, shading, thick, thin, soft, broad, narrow, fine, pattern, line, shape, detail