Hassan Hajjaj – Africa (Y3)

Arfoudi, 2017, Artists collection.

Hassan Hajjaj
  • How would you describe the lines in this artwork?
  • What are the different types of line?
    • thick, thin, short, long, straight, curved
  • What shape do the lines form?
  • Is this a landscape or portrait?
  • Is this artwork dark or light?
  • Which part of the the artwork is darkest? Lightest?
  • Name some of the different shapes.
  • What colours do you see in this artwork?
  • Are the colours bold or muted?

Morocco, Africa

Language (painting)

regular, irregular, geometric, abstract, natural, bold, delicate, detailed, layered, watery, intense, transparent, strong, opaque, matt, tone, tint, shade, thick, thin, cool, light, dark, matt, shiny,