Thandiwe Muria – Africa (UKS2)

Thandiwe Muriu, ‘Child’s Play’, 2019, Private collection

  • How would you describe the lines in this artwork?
  • What are the different types of line?
    • thick, thin, short, long, straight, curved
  • What shape do the lines form?
  • Is this a landscape or portrait?
  • Is this artwork dark or light?
  • What part of the the artwork darkest / lightest?
  • Name some of the different shapes.
  • What colours do you see in this artwork?
  • Are the colours bold or muted?
  • In what directions do the lines travel?
  • Do the lines show movement or division?
  • Where is the horizon line?
  • What colour is used the most / least?
  • What is the artist trying to tell you by his/her use of colour?
  • Are the colours in harmony or clashing? Why?
  • Do the colours remind you of something?
  • Is there an overall colour theme? Is it monochromatic?
  • Where does the line take your eye in the artwork?

Nairobi, Kenya

Language (painting)

traditional, representational, modern, abstract, imaginary, dribbled, splattered, stippled, dabbed, scraped, dotted Thandiwe Muria – Africa (UKS2)


Thandiwe Muriu is a self-taught photographer born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Pursing photography from an early age, she is passionate about helping brands communicate through photography so they can get their message across in ways that will not only keep their audiences engaged but, also help them get the desired response.

Over the years, she has developed a particular interest in showcasing Africa’s unique mix of vibrant cultures, colour and people. Through her personal work she celebrates her African heritage and tackles important issues such as identity and self-perception using the rich colours and vibrancy the continent is so well know for. Thandiwe’s signature style is colourful, clean and bold.

She currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya where she teaches workshops and regularly travels for assignments.